How to determine current PowerShell session is x86 or x64.

For the execution of SharePoint PowerShell scripts I need to check the execution environment of my PowerShell session to be sure that PowerShell runs as x64 application.

This was a problem because PowerShell does not provide this information itself.

BUT PowerShell is a .NET Application.

There you can check for x86 or x64 by using this static method (in C# or VB.NET):


In PowerShell syntax:


This results in “4” for x86 and “8” for x64. (Without question marks of cource. The result type is int.)

So you can use this in your PowerShell script.

Here I started 2 PowerShell sessions: one x86 and one x64. See the result of the command above:


(In the window title you see “Windows PowerShell (x86)” –> That’s the x86 session. The x64 session has no special window title.)

Here is a corresponding PowerShell code snipped:

#region Check x64 host
if( [System.IntPtr]::Size -ne 8) {
  Write-Error "Please use a x64 PowerShell host!"

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